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At Luxglove, we welcome businesses and professional dealers to join our platform and sell their vintage, pre-owned or ex-stock items online with us. If you are interested in becoming a seller on Luxglove, please fill out the form below and our team will be in touch.

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Is there a fee to list with Luxglove?

Listing with Luxglove is free! We waive listing fee and sales commission for the current promotional period. Only a transaction fee of 3% of the listing price will be charged.

Why Sell With Luxglove?

Manage your listings on-the-go with our website and mobile app
Our White Glove Service recommends a professional photographer to photograph items in your store or warehouse. We also reimburse for the first two hours photography fee.
Our in-house support team is here to walk you through the listings process every step of the way
We pride ourselves on working with the best, most reputable sources for our art, jewellery, watches, design, collectibles, rare whisky and classic cars.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I sell with Luxglove?

Selling with Luxglove is easy! If you're a dealer, simply submit your details here and our team will be in touch!

Once your Dealer Profile has been approved, we’ll send a photographer to your shop and we’ll upload the images for you. When the photographs have been uploaded, you’ll be able to view and edit the items on your own personal dashboard. 


What is the White Glove Service?

Our White Glove Service offers a free two hours of professional photography when you first list your items, as well as uploading the images after. Our dedicated team will walk you through every step of the uploading process.

What are the terms for listing?

You can read our Terms of Use for the website and app here.

What kinds of items can I list with Luxglove?

Luxglove deals specifically with secondary market artworks, design, collectibles jewellery, watches, rare whisky and classic cars. Any items that fit within these categories can be listed with us.

Why should I sell with Luxglove?

Luxglove is the premier destination for collectors and buyers throughout Asia. We have a very targeted audience that comes to the site, and we review each item before publishing, ensuring a level of quality across the site.

What if my item is not in excellent condition?

We recognize that some items may be appealing to buyers, regardless of its condition. For these items, we suggest that you document the damage on the item through photos and a detailed description, to ensure that buyers are aware of the condition. You might also consider pricing it at a lower price, to take into account any refurbishment the buyer might have to undertake after purchase.

How long does an item remain on the site?

Listings on the site are good for as long as the seller still has the item available for sale and Luxglove feels it should remain active on the site. You can amend your listing at any time to include further information that might help the buyer make a decision on the item. We recommend that you provide detailed descriptions of the item(s). The more information you can provide to the buyer, the more likely you are to have a successful sale.

Sellers are required to update their listings to ensure that all items listed on Luxglove remain available for sale.

What are the fees for listing?

Listing with Luxglove is free! We waive listing fee and only charge a commission on items sold via the platform.

I’m not sure how much to sell my item for, how should I price it?

The best point of reference is the price that you paid for the item when you bought it. You can then choose whether you wish to list your item for more or less than you bought it for. However, if you are still unsure of the value of your item, contact us at hello@luxglove.com and we will do our best to assist you.

What happens after my item sells?

Once an item sells, you will receive an automatic e-mail notifying you of the sale. The buyer will have paid for shipping & delivery charges, and you will be responsible for shipping the item to the buyer within 3 business days. Your payment (minus commission) will be processed 48 hours after confirmed delivery to the buyer.

How do I remove my items?

Simply log on to the app and select ‘Delete’ for the item you would like to remove.

Can I amend my listing?

Yes. You can opt to amend the selling price, photos and description of your item at any time, to keep your item(s) competitive and up-to-date.

What happens if I sell an item offline?

If an item is sold offline, we request that sellers log on to the app immediately to update the item to ‘Sold’. This ensures that there are no duplicate purchases of the Unique Works on our site.

When can I expect to see my items on the site?

Each item on our site is reviewed by our team of curators to ensure quality. Once our photographer has taken the photographs, we will upload the images to your personal dashboard. Here, you can manage the item entries and submit it for publishing. Within 48 hours after the photographs are taken, you will receive a notification e-mail to let you know that your items have been successfully published on the site and app.

We reserve the right to request additional information from sellers in order to maintain quality control on Luxglove.

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