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Israeli distillery unveils first domestically produced single malt

June 01, 2017 by World Israel News Staff , JNS.org

The Milk & Honey Distillery (M&H) presented the first whisky entirely produced and bottled in Israel on World Whisky Day, an annual global event that took place this past weekend. The limited M&H single malt was aged in a cask for three years, complying with the Scottish definition of what classifies as a whisky.

Israel's first single malt (photo credit : M&H Distillery)

The whisky was distilled using a 250 L. copper still, using the same malted barley used today by the distillery, over a series of 10 distilling batches, after which it was put into a 250 liter new american oak cask, where it spend 2.5 years aging in interim warehouse, until it was moved to the distillery aging room and recased into an ex-bourbon cask, September 2016.

On April 2nd this year, the distillery team, monitoring the cask closely, decided it was time to bottle the liquid as the first ‘single malt’ in the ‘experimental’ range that the distillery is going to be bottling in coming months. It is important to bear in mind that this whisky was not distilled  at the distillery using  the current large-scale distilling equipment  used by the distillery, so the distillate might be a bit different from current batches of distilled spirit.

The Milk & Honey Distillery, Israel (photo credit : M&H Distillery)

Head distiller Tomer Goren crafted the brew in collaboration with an internationally recognized master distiller, the late Dr. Jim Swan.

Next month, a total of 391 bottles of the experimental malt whisky will be available for purchase.

M&H Distillery Visitor Centre (photo credit : M&H Distillery)

The first 100 bottles will be sold online in an auction between 7-17th of July 2017, and the remainder will be available at the distillery visitor center and at liquor stores in Israel.

This is only the first edition of experimental batches that will be released int he coming months. Next release will be the  ‘Founder’s Edition’ the first single malt aged 3 years old, distilled in the M&H Tel Aviv site. In the meantime the distillery is going to continue to release young single malt casks (under 3 yo), and more of their Levantine Gin.

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