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Ponts des Arts Limited Edition Armagnac 1888


by Tanvi Gupta

This ultimate collectible is the oldest Armagnac in the world, co-created by Pont des Arts and the House of Samalens and Lalique, with only 88 carafes ever produced. To celebrate the fine art of French winemaking in collaboration with the Eastern art world bound together through culture and tradition, Ponts des Arts, a premier brand featuring a limited collection of wines and spirits, has launched the classic Armagnac 1888 “Long Life” as part of the ‘Ponts des Arts Experience’. Bridging together the worlds of art, distilled wines, and bespoke crystal, the Armagnac 1888 is an exclusive and covetous celebration of tradition, culture, art, and history. As a symbolic bridge that finds its origins in the Ponts des Arts bridge in Paris, France, the Armagnac 1888 is a luxurious and affluent union between virtuoso artist Zao Wou-Ki, Jean Samalens’ distillery, and René Jules Lalique’s iridescent glass manufacturing.

The beautiful Lalique bottle.

Armagnac is produced through an infusion of four kinds of grapes - Ugni blanc, Folle blanche, Colombard, and Baco Blanc, which is three more than the sole Ungi blanc used for the more widely known, Cognac. Although the latter is much more popular with aficionados, Armagnac is, in fact, the oldest distilled wine from France. 

The Armagnac 1888 speaks to the connoisseur’s palate with distinct and aged flavors of fine fruits, vanilla spice, and fragrant flowers. It has been obtained from wines distilled in 1888, the oldest in its range, from Grand Bas Armagnac, where the clear elixir sat undisturbed for 70 years in 400L Gascon black oak barrels before being bottled in glass containers. Presently, the distilled wine is transformed into a collector’s item, poured straight into Lalique’s unique and classic crystal flacon featuring a peacock’s-tail stopper for the mouth. Strikingly remarkable is Zao Wou-Ki’s Chinese calligraphy on the flacon’s front, which completes this one-of-a-kind journey through a history of elegance, expertise, and luxury.

Zao Wou-Ki's calligraphy

The 1888 Armagnac “Long Life”, features the Chinese calligraphy of Zao Wou-Ki himself meaning ‘’Long Life’’ as well as the number 1888, with the option to personailse this exquisite collector’s item by engraving the name of the collector on the carafe in LALIQUE’s atelier in Paris. 

The timeless beauty of its minimal make and finish with an amalgamation of Eastern philosophy and Western practice, assimilate into producing the sumptuous and pleasing limited-edition Armagnac 1888 “Long Life”. 

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