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Luxglove’s Guide To Building A Watch Collection


by Kate Ng


Like anything else we do in life, building a watch collection needs to start from somewhere. And before you jump the gun and buy the first timepiece that catches your eye, you should ask yourself why are you starting a watch collection, what your budget is and what type of collection you intent to amass.


Only 272 pieces of this beautiful Omega Speedmaster XVII 45th Anniversary in Gold Limited Edition. 
Image Courtesy of todayonthewrist.


Maybe you are fascinated by the watch’s inner mechanisms, or its overall style. Perhaps it's the sentimental value of a particular brand or model. Whatever your preference is, make sure you get your homework done! Don’t fret because there is a type of watch out there for everyone and you can start your collection without breaking the bank.


Nothing in this world quite like this. IWC Pilot's Watch Chronograph Edition "Le Petit Prince". 
Image Courtesy of Slaets. 


So regardless if you build a collection surrounding your love for tourbillon movements or if you are drawn to just gold Patek Philippes, do remember to keep in mind these ground rules:


  1. Buy what you like, because it’s your collection. The watches you acquire should please you and not anyone else.

  2. Factor in wearability. Enjoying your timepieces include wearing them and not stashing them away in a vault.

  3. Don’t buy watches based solely as investments. Like cars, their value depreciate once they are bought.  

  4. Properly care for your watches. This ensures that the watches retain their resale value.

  5. Never buy a watch simply because it’s the current trend as you want your purchases to last a lifetime. - or two.


Dream big with the Richard Mille RM35-02. 
Image Courtesy of Horoloupe.


The value of watches have evolved and now they represent so much more than just functionality and fashionability. They are a celebration of the art of watch making, a statement about who we are and a reflection of life’s milestones. Satisfaction is guaranteed. We say go for it! 



Click here to start building your collection now!

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