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Is it Getting Harder to be a Motorhead?


by Lucy Wyndham


The Future of Luxury Cars

Back in 1989, the film Back to the Future: Part II predicted that we would have flying cars by 2015. Although we’re almost three years past 2015 and still don’t have flying cars, there are some pretty cool car technologies that are expected to roll out in the next few years. These technologies and new features are expected to roll out on luxury cars first, so here’s a sneak peek of what we can expect the future of luxury cars to look like.


Image Courtesy of Rolls-Royce. 


Rolls-Royce 103EX

Unveiled on June 16th, 2016, at a press conference in London, Rolls-Royce created a vision of what the future of one-percenter travel will look like. The car’s exterior has a single door that opens like a barn door to reveal a large interior. Inside, there is a couch rather than typical car seats and a holographic internal display that features an artificial intelligence assistant. The next thing you notice about the interior is that there is no steering wheel. The car will be expected to drive completely on its own.  

Image Courtesy of Gran Turismo. 


McLaren Vision Ultimate Concept

California artist Justin Hyunjung Cho created a digital rendering of the successor to the McLaren 1 that he envisions will appear in 2032. Currently known as the McLaren Vision Ultimate Concept, the car has a teardrop-shaped roof, muscular sides, aerodynamic features, and a very futuristic look. The engine is located in the center of the car and has three large vents that are mounted at the rear of the car. It is expected to be extremely fast and without a front windshield, could be another example of an autonomous vehicle.


Image Courtesy of Mini.UK. 


BMW Mini Vision Next 100

Last October, BMW created a line of futuristic concept vehicles that will move cars into the next century. One of their concepts, the Mini Vision Next 100 looks like a futuristic version of a smart car and will incorporate artificial intelligence to change the rules of driving. BMW expects ride sharing to drastically increase in the future, so the car will have one sliding door, that will open up from the middle and allow all passengers to get in at once. The Mini Vision will also recognize who you are as you approach the vehicle and greet you with a light-up symbol while it prepares your driving preferences and ensure the car is to your liking. Although this vehicle has a steering wheel, there will be a driverless mode, which will shift the steering wheel to the center of the car so that you can relax in the driver’s seat.

According to Elon Musk, the mastermind behind the future of cars, almost all cars produced will be autonomous in ten years. It is clear from these futuristic car designs that many luxury brands are already working towards making that goal a reality.



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