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Polo Gold Cup 2017: Luxglove Pop-Up Whisky Lounge


by Crystal Tay


Over the weekend, Luxglove hosted a Pop-Up Whisky Lounge at the Singapore Polo Club along side the fresh and kempt Polo playing field on the occasion of Gold Cup 2017! With the accompaniment of hearty jazz music, the lounge was completed decked out with a diverse series of whisky shelved elegantly all around the room. 



We offered guests an exclusive whisky-tasting experience at the bar (tended by our very own whisky expert, Mike Soldner) with a tasteful selection of six different whiskys from countries in the Eastern and the Western hemisphere, just to give away a hint of what to expect from the collection - check them out here


Soldner presenting The Dalmore, King Alexander III as one of the Gold Cup 2017 prizes. 


A huge thank you to all who attended and made the weekend so delightful! We hope the experience was as insightful as it was enjoyable for you.

The featured collection, with a total of over 200 bottles, is still available for purchase on Luxglove.com! This includes rare and unique whiskys from the largest and most well-known distilleries from Scotland to South Africa to India and Australia just to name a few. Click here for more information!



For enquiries, please get in touch with us at hello@luxglove.com.



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