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This Holiday Season: The Old & Rare Islay Trilogy


by Luxglove Team 


Limited to the first 8 customers, The Old & Rare Islay Trilogy is a unique assemblage of Hunter Laing's Old & Rare platinum selection of single malt scotch whiskies from three iconic Islay distilleries. If you are a whisky lover with a preference for a smoky palate (or have yet to try any), this would be just the perfect collection to own!

These fine single cask whiskies, aged for decades along the stormy shores of Islay, are bottled at natural cask strength without chill filtration or added color. The bottles are then encased in a stylish crafted wooden box with a sophisticated metallic silver Hunter Laing & Co. logo embellished on the front. Each purchase of The Old & Rare Islay Trilogy includes a complimentary set of six Glen Carin whisky tasting glasses and a small informative booklet in an exclusive Luxglove Christmas hamper, all ready to go at a special price of S$1600 for each!

Hunter Laing & Co. Ltd in a Nutshell

Hunter Laing is a family business with an unrivaled pedigree as blenders and bottlers of the finest Scotch whisky.

Family patriarch, Stewart Laing, spent nearly fifty years in the whisky industry learning the trade first as an apprentice at Bruichladdich distillery on Islay, before starting work with his father, Frederick with whom he travelled the world as a young man until his father's death in 1982. During his lifetime, Frederick Laing purchased and laid down many hundreds of casks from distilleries all over Scotland – many of which, sadly, have long since closed - and it is thanks to his foresight that we are still able to enjoy these exceptional whiskies.

Today, Stewart is joined by his sons Scott and Andrew, who as single cask bottlers in their own right, understand the importance of selecting the choicest casks; making it their collective goal - father and sons alike - that in the years ahead Hunter Laing will continue to be regarded as one of the most respected and trusted names in whisky.

Tasting Notes

Bunnahabhain 1991 (50.7%); Aged 22 Years

Color: Light gold
Nose: Sweet with a hint of honeycomb the bitter almonds and a whiff of peat smoke
Flavour: Rich and creamy smooth on the palate
Finish: Long and dry with an oaky smoky aftertaste


Laphroaig 1990 (51.9%); Aged 24 Years 

Color: Pale gold
Nose: Robust, full-bodied nose with sweet vanilla honey giving way to the peat and seaweed character associated with Islay
Flavour: Sweet, creamy mouthfeel is then followed by a slight tongue prickle with stewed rhubarb, burnt toffee and notes of rubber before the trace of peat and seaweed overtakes once more
Finish: Lingering dry finish of peat and oak


Cao Ila 1984 (53.2%); Aged 30 Years

Color: Gold
Nose: Rich vanilla 
Flavour: Sweet vanilla on the palate initially, followed by stewed rhubard and custard
Finish: Peaty seaweed character dominates quickly and leaves a long lingering and dry finish of oak and peat smoke



Readily register your interest for Islay Trilogy set on our Luxglove website here! Have an Islay Christmas!


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