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Corporate Gifting Package: Mortlach Rare Old + Your Company's Logo!


by Luxglove Team 


Having trouble looking for a perfect gift that is universal yet personalized for your clients? Fret not! The Luxglove Team has assembled an exclusive corporate gifting package for you this holiday season. Lo and behold, the Mortlach Rare Old - with a full-color coporate logo emblazoned on the front of each bottle!  



  • Personalized whisky bottles with your company's logo
  • Special Price: S$90 per unit, with a minimum purchase of 30 units
  • Production time will be approx. 5 days.
  • Free 2-3 days local delivery to one location of your choice

* Also available in limited quantities for:
            Mortlach 18YS$350 per unit, with a minimum purchase of 30 units.
            Mortlach 25Y: S$1,200 per unit, with a minimum purchase of 3 units. 

Click here to register your interest!
Place your orders before the 13th of December to have them delivered before Christmas.



Mortlach Rare Old: The Beast of Dufftown

A superbly structured and well balanced whisky in which stylish fruit and floral notes on the nose introduce a rich, complex, energetic palate and a pleasantly drying finish.

In 1823, Mortlach (43.4% ABV, 50cl) became the first legal distillery in Dufftown, Speyside. Described by whisky connoisseurs as “The Beast of Dufftown”, for its rich and powerful flavours, Mortlach is produced in an astonishingly complicated and unique distillation process known as ‘2.81 distilled’. The production of the whisky is set to be replaced by Mortlach 12Y next year, so make sure to secure the final bottles of Mortlach Rare Old in Singapore with Luxglove before this delicious expression is discontinued!

Image Courtesy to Whisky Intelligence


Mortlach Rare Old Complete Tasting Notes

Nose: Reserved and discreet, first showing a ripe fruity tang of red plum, peach and blackberry (more obvious with a little water). A dryer note in the smooth, nutty layer underneath reveals complexity and depth. In time there’s the baked sweetness of a buttery Madeira cake or chocolate biscuits. This sweetness becomes more toffee–like then gradually more savoury, with heady floral notes and maybe just the slightest hint of smoke. The oak is restrained and natural, recalling a dry, sunny autumn day in the woods.

Palate: Stunning. Sweet, tongue-coating and fiery, then chewy on the mid-palate; gingery and tangy now too, ranging dense orchard fruits alongside a light gaminess. Growing sweeter, the flavours move from red fruit to liquorice to toffee, then sweet roast meat, set off by a rich, supple and muscular structure. Becoming dryer, with appealing hints of orange oil, it’s still all beautifully pervasive and comforting. Adding just a little water enlivens things without taking away the pleasing texture.


More information on the whisky in this video.


Image Courtesy of The Whisky Exchange


"The palate is big and chocolaty with some meat underneath. Hefty but elegant. The distillery character is not only intact, but enhanced." -- Dave Broom, 2014, Whisky Advocate Summer 2014, p. 121


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