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Whisky From Australia: Hellyers Road Distillery

January 10, 2018 by Kate Ng


The world’s smallest continent, but the sixth-largest country in the world, Australia was never known as whisky makers, until now.

Currently in the midst of a boutique malt whisky revival, whisky is now being produced in most states where a new wave of small distillers are keen to experiment with whisky production. A distinctly Australian style is emerging as the new generation are bringing new approaches to whisky production in line with the local climate and use of materials.


Master distiller at Hellyers Road Distillery, Mark Littler. Image Courtesy of Chris Kidd. 


What gives Australian whisky their unique flavours are the use of Australian sherry, port and wine casks! Lined with vineyards throughout the country, Australia has built a formidable wine industry over the years and the local whisky distillers are tapping into that rich resource!

From Lark Distillery, to Overeem Distillery & Sulllivans Cove, these are some of the distilleries that whisky enthusiasts should be keeping a lookout for! Out of them all, one of our favourite bottles of liquid gold come from Hellyers Road Distillery on the outskirts of Burnie, Tasmania.


Image Courtesy of Hellyers Road Distillery. 


Hellyers Road Distillery was founded by a group of dairy farmers who knew that their environment was perfect for sourcing ingredients of purity and quality. The name of the distillery came from the region’s most famous explorer, Henry Hellyer from the early 1800s.

Borrowing the same perseverance and determination, the group of Tasmanian dairy farmers began producing world-class whiskies, exporting to over 20 countries and becoming Australia’s biggest selling locally crafted whisky.

Interested to give this ingruiging Tasmanian whisky a try? Read on to see what we have available on our site!


Hellyers Road Original 10 Y.O.


Hellyers Road Original 10 Y.O. Available on luxglove.com! 


Hellyers Road Original 10 Y.O. is distilled from premium Tasmanian grain and some of the world’s purest drinking water. Matured in American Oak and bottled at 46.2% alcohol volume with no artificial colouring and not requiring chilled filtration.The distilling process ensures an enhanced single malt flavour delivering a well-balanced and very smooth spirit.

This whisky draws hints of citrus, lemon and orange to the nose, while on the palate, vanilla sweetness and impressions of warm freshly buttered sourdough aftertaste.


Hellyers Road Peated


Hellyers Road Peated. Available on luxglove.com! 


Hellyers Road Peated is aged in American Oak (ex-bourbon) and distilled using peated grain sourced from Inverness – Scotland, this single malt was recognised as the nation’s best at the Malt Whisky Society of Australia Awards for Excellence in 2010.

This whisky draws a whiff of burnt fern smokiness with typical hints of citrus, lemon and orange to the nose. The palate is further complimented by a citrus sweetness with overtones of malt and a lingering aftertaste of  fresh forest regeneration with layers of smoke and pepper.

Any views or opinions in the post are solely those of the authors and do not necessarily represent the views of the company or contributors.

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