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Port Ellen: Untold Story The Spirit Safe


by Jon-jon Bauyon


Brand owner Diageo has unveiled the Port Ellen, the oldest expresssion to date, after sleeping in ex-Bourbon and ex-Sherry casks for 39 years. This magnificent distillery closed its door over three decades ago and since then, the remaining casks have been highly sought-after-treasure specially for those collectors out there.



Unlock with the keys and you'll find the hidden gem inside the specially curated wooden box. 

Bottled at cask strength of 50.9% alcohol by volume and matured in two different casks, this whisky is a great example of having the right balance of peat smoke accompanied by dark chocolate and fruits on your palate with the right amount of spiciness. 



A must have for collectors and connoisseurs, there will be absolutely no regrets in acquiring this piece. 

The distillery is set to re-open by 2021 together with its sister distillery Brora according to Diageo. 

Available in www.luxglove.com

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