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Cinnabar Lacquer Container With Pearl

S$ 4,220

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Cinnabar Lacquer container hand layered and hand-carved into flower designs, decorated with Pearl. The stand is crafted out of sterling silver, painted in gold. They key material, Cinnabar, or dragon blood, refers to the deep red color of lacquer which is a natural product made from the sap of the Lac tree. The use of lacquer was developed in China about 3000-2500 BC. Carving of Lacquer is a painstaking process – First, a rough form of the final shape is prepared to receive the lacquer. Lacquer can be applied to wood, metal, porcelain, paper, fabric or a wire frame. The material forming the basic shape is smoothed, polished and often treated with special materials to help the lacquer stick. Next, thin layers of lacquer are applied over the basic form. Depth of carving averages about one-eighth to one-quarter of an inch. Carved lacquer from classical periods in Japan and China, 500-1700 AD, can have as many as 200-300 separate layers; historical records from those early periods speak of large pieces that took years to prepare and up to several years to carve. Lotus Arts de Vivre collaborates with traditional lacquer artists from China and has its designs lacquered upto 75 layers, taking 5 months to complete a piece. It is a water resistant product that withstands high temperatures and is regarded as exceedingly durable. Approximate Weight: 345 g. Product Care: Use soft brush to clean all parts. Avoid exposing it to water, liquids or extreme humidity.

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