Rare very large antique german globe can. 1920s

Good - Moderate wear and tear, consistent with age and history
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Exceptional German Erd-Globus (Earth Globe - terrestrial table globe) 100cm (40 inches) high, scope (umfang 152 cm (60 inches) and 48cm (19 inches) circumference (durchmesser). Made up of twelve colour printed gores and two polar calottes. Bronze / brass graduated meridian circle. On turned circular stepped fruit wood stand with inset compass with painting surrounding. Unusual and rare geographical antique piece.

The globe reflects the the name change of the city Saint Petersburg to Petrograd.Showing zeppelin, airplane, steamship and shipping routes with ports of arrival and departure and other details - full Analemma. The International Date Line and warm and cold ocean currents, the continents with nation states variously outlined in green, yellow, pink and blue, showing railway lines, projected railway lines, caravan routes and other political and physical geographical information, the Antarctic with partial coastline and labelled Magnet Sdpol and Scott 1902, Shackleton 9.1.1909 Amundsen a.Sdpol 14.12.1911.

A heavy and solidly built piece. The globe turns smoothly. The size of this piece makes it unique - a great addition for your collection and great conversation and outstanding display piece or educational tool due to its size. For shipping purposes it is possible to detach the globe together with the brass meridian circle from the base/stand.

Mang's Neuer Erd-Globus, Prof. Dr. W. Stricker. Stuttgart, MANG, Adolf. 1849-1933

Various abrasions (rubbed off finish, staining and paper loss) on the globe, particularity in the center - across Borneo and Sumatra - showing signs of repair probably it was dropped at some point - please see pictures. On the wooden base there is some tarnishing to the wood - please see pictures - it could benefit from a coat of shellac / varnish since the stand itself is highly polished and looks great. However these blemishes do not detract from its quality and uniqueness.

100cm (40 inches) high, scope (umfang 152 cm (60 inches) and 48cm (19 inches) circumference (durchmesser).
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